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            There must be something in the water with April 8.

            Boston’s Chris Sale, out for the season following Tommy John surgery, thought about the prospect of his teammates sequestered in the Phoenix area for an extended period if Major League Baseball and its players adopt an all-Arizona start to the season.

            For the first time since halting play four weeks ago, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman raised the possibility Tuesday of not completing the regular season in order to squeeze in time to award the Stanley Cup.

            Shorts and skates don’t usually mix. Maintaining NHL-quality ice in August or holding a Stanley Cup Final in September? Those are far from the norm, too.

            The list of sporting events altered by the COVID-19 outbreak keeps growing.

            When it comes to Lumberjack pride, few wear their heart on their sleeve like senior Camerin Holmes.

            ANDERSON, Ind. – There will be plenty of guesses and estimations over the next few months as to when the NFL will return to on-field operations.

            Last Tuesday, the NFL owners officially agreed to increase the playoff field from 12 to 14 teams. The postseason expansion, which had been approved in collective bargaining talks with the NFL Players Association, will take effect in the 江西11选五 season.

            ANDERSON, Ind. – Dr. Thom Mayer has one crucial message for football fans this spring.

            NEW ORLEANS — Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey, who played in the NFL despite being born without toes on his kicking foot and made a record 63-yard field goal, died late Saturday while struggling with complications from the new coronavirus, his daughter said. He was 73.

            Kobe Bryant’s resume has yet another entry to validate his greatness: He’s now, officially, a Hall of Famer.

            As the years go by, more football leagues seem to fail.

            As far as John Boutet is concerned, it's important to acknowledge history.

            PENDLETON — Most ice hockey players are just happy to be in the green when it comes to their plus-minus ratio, but they'd take a plus-35 any time in their career.

            Abby Blair just wants people to smile when they hear her name. That and say she was a good teammate and a good person.

            BUFFALO — Stefon Diggs landing in Buffalo was a direct result of the new coronavirus pandemic potentially disrupting the NFL’s offseason practice schedule.

            GRAND ISLAND — One of the most important points in Lydia Sweeney's remarkable, four-year varsity girls basketball career at Grand Island High School was the one she made with her remarkable coach, Kristin Wegrzyn.

            Much like you or I, our families, friends and neighbors, Niagara University's athletic department is in a holding pattern during these unprecedented times.

            Widely hailed as the right thing to do for student-athlete welfare, the NCAA's decision to extend spring sports athletes' eligibility a year because of the coronavirus pandemic is causing consternation for baseball coaches.

            The NFL is gearing up for a normal season and playoffs — with two additional wild-card teams in the Super Bowl chase.

            When life throws a global pandemic your way, you make the best of it.

            The annual Scotty Bowman Showcase, which pits the best high 江西11选5 and prep hockey players from Buffalo and Rochester against each other, was cancelled this year, one of the many sporting events lost to the coronavirus outbreak.

            The binational Lake Erie Committee, composed of fishery managers from Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario and Pennsylvania, set total allowable catches (TACs) for 江西11选五 of 7.805 million pounds of yellow perch and 10.237 million walleye, it announced last week.

            Like many Americans sheltering in place during the coronavirus crisis, I’ve watched my share of television. Gov. Cuomo’s daily press conferences have become must-see events. I spent much of the weekend bingeing “Tiger King,” a bizarre and mesmerizing Netflix documentary that is currently the…

            I found myself in an unusual spot.

            Section VI wrestling royalty is a modest term to use for Willie McDougald Jr.

            Niagara's thin front line took a hit Friday.

            Over the past two seasons, Aubrey Halloran helped the Niagara County Community College江西11选五 women’s basketball team post a 61-3 record and win a pair of regional championships.

            ORCHARD PARK (AP) — Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane signed two more familiar faces Thursday, bringing back a former Bill and adding yet another former Carolina Panther.

            It's the strangest of Opening Days.

            Can you Digg it? Sorry, I couldn't resist.

            EDITOR'S NOTE: The complete 江西11选五 Section VI football schedule can be seen on Page 4B.

            This is the complete 江西11选五 Section VI varsity football schedule that was released this week by chairman Ken Stoldt.

            In recent weeks, life has been tough for many. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the sports world throughout the United States, leaving athletes wondering when they’ll play again.

            NEW YORK — Mets right-hander Noah Syndergaard became the latest big-name pitcher to need Tommy John surgery, joining the Yankees' Luis Severino and Boston's Chris Sale.

            ORCHARD PARK — The Buffalo Bills reached an agreement to re-sign receiver Isaiah McKenzie to a one-year contract on Tuesday.

            Not even the Summer Olympics could withstand the force of the coronavirus. After weeks of hedging, the IOC took the unprecedented step of postponing the world's biggest sporting event, a global extravaganza that's been cemented into the calendar for more than a century.

            Niagara University's Greg Paulus was named the recipient of the 2019-20 Joe B. Hall Award on Monday night, earning recognition from College江西11选五Insider.com as the best first-year coach in NCAA Division I men's basketball.

            LOCKPORT — With all hopes dashed for remaining winter sports high 江西11选5 championships in New York state this year, the deadline for determining whether there will be state high 江西11选5 finals in baseball and other spring sports is April 27, according to a letter issued to local coaches and a…

            Marcus Hammond had reason to be optimistic heading into his sophomore season.

            As of Friday, New Yorkers were being properly advised to avoid unnecessary travel because of the coronavirus pandemic. Try telling that to giddy Bills fans, who have been over the moon since early last week.

            Troy Keller lives for the hunt. Mainly deer, as signified by the antlers tattooed across his back, but also turkey, duck, goose, squirrel, rabbit.

            The Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference announced more positive COVID-19 tests on Saturday, and this round hit 江西11选五 for Niagara University.

            NIAGARA FALLS — Jaemon Turner's nickname is "Mookie," but he could also go by "silent assassin."

            TAMPA, Fla. — A new look for the NFL: Tom Brady in Tampa Bay pewter and red rather than Patriots red, white and blue.

            The list of sporting events claimed by the COVID-19 pandemic keeps growing.

            The parent company that owns the NFL's Buffalo Bills and NHL's Sabres has laid off a majority of its food services and hospitality staff as result of the new coronavirus pandemic.

            Now that Niagara's basketball season has ended in unprecedented fashion, maybe looking ahead a little bit can momentarily ease the angst that the pandemic has created. There will be basketball again, count on it. March Sadness will be just an ugly memory.

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