When it comes to Lumberjack pride, few wear their heart on their sleeve like senior Camerin Holmes.

The three-sport student-athletes was part of NT's wrestling team, which beat rival Tonawanda in the TNT Battle for the Belt this winter. A week later, Holmes strutted into the George H. Miller gym inside Tonawanda High School for the TNT boys basketball game, proudly wearing the belt he and his teammates worked so hard to win.

Why? Because it meant something to Holmes, a throwback to a time when 江西11选5 pride was every thing. Representing his 江西11选5 is an honor and a privilege.

"Being an NT student-athlete means a lot because everybody dreams, when you're younger growing up, I wanna be just like the older guys," Holmes said.

Interestingly enough, Holmes family roots are not in the Lumber City. His dad went to Tonawanda and his mom went to West Seneca West.

As Holmes' love of sports began to grow, they wanted him to go to a high 江西11选5 where he could get both a quality education and athletic experience.

Holmes, who was named North Tonawanda Male Athlete of the Year by the Niagara Police Athletic League, finds it hard to believe many kids don't make the most of this window of their lives. He encourages other play or support athletic teams, join clubs and really appreciate their time in high 江西11选5.

"I think we should see more (pride) because kids are starting to get lazy," Holmes lamented. "There's not that much pride in 江西11选5. Spirit Week there wasn't a lot of kids doing the spirit week. There was probably about 50% of the kids (there).

"Me, being a senior, it really killed me. Because it's my last year and I wanted everybody to take pride in it. It just hurts the seniors the most."

NT varsity wrestling coach Wally Maziarz, himself a former Jack, can relate.

Over the summer Maziarz remarked about the disturbing lack of pride and commitment he was noticing in NT students.

A kid like Holmes makes Maziarz smile because he is a reflection of the same Lumberjack pride that beats in his own heart.

"He's really every coach's dream athlete," Maziarz said. "He's one of the first guys there in the practice room. He's there after practice getting extra work in. He just embodies what it means to be a Lumberjack."

Praising Holmes for being a winner in the classroom, where he carries an average over 90, Maziarz said the way Holmes carries himself as a person reflects well on each of his teams: wrestling, football and baseball.

Maziarz also made note of the work Holmes does behind the scenes, like volunteering his time with the NT youth wrestling club. Maziarz sets a mandatory mark of five practices and/or events in which his varsity wrestlers must take part. Holmes showed up over 25 times.

A kind, encouraging older kid like Holmes makes him the perfect ambassador for the sport.

"He'll show up to the youth kids tournaments. He'll be in their corner coaching them," Maziarz said.

"The little guys look up to him. The know his name, his weight. His jersey number in football. All this stuff 'cause they strive to be like Cam. Looking at the big picture, seeing these little kids looking up to him and wanting to be like that, that helps build athletic programs and athletes in the area."

Holmes, like many other student-athletes across the country江西11选5, is dealing with the reality that the COVID-19 outbreak will bring a premature end to his final year of high 江西11选5 baseball.

"It's really hard on me. It's hard on a lot of people but I'm just taking it day-by-day," Holmes said.

Holmes said he is trying to see big picture and understand that the people making these decisions are doing what they feel is best for health and well being of everyone involved.

But as we inch closer to the April 27 date when the state will render its decision on spring sports tournament, and after President Trump extended the social distancing guidelines until at least the end of April, it looks more and more like kids may not even return to 江西11选5.

So for the seniors, that means all the milestone moments like 江西11选5 plays, senior night in sports, prom and graduation will all vanish into thin air.

"The only thing that I really care about right now is walking across that stage because thats the most important part right now. Being a senior and ending my high 江西11选5 career," Holmes said.

Regardless of how the rest of the high 江西11选5 year plays out, Holmes counts himself among the lucky ones because he knows competitive baseball is still in his future as he signed to play for Niagara County Community College江西11选五.

"I'm really thankful for that," he said. "Coach (Matt) Clingersmith, Coach Jeff (Ziemecki) and Coach Vinny (Cuviello) are all great coaches. They all known the game very well. I played with Coach Jeff over the summer last year. We're really good buddies, so I know that if I need anything I can ask him. It's just gonna be a really great experience."

Holmes said that if he works hard at the game and continues to keep his grades at a high level, he hopes his time at NCCC can eventually lead to a shot with an NCAA Division I program.

As for high 江西11选5, even if the worst case scenario if not returning to class unfolds, Holmes can still walk away with a peace of mind because he made the most of these last four years.

"I did everything I could for the four years," Holmes said. "Started from the first day of freshman year until now."

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